Thought Tracing

Hi! I’m Elise!

I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table staring into space, trying to reclaim a lost thought. I’m searching for my next project. 

Maybe I’m jumping the gun here.  I’m a new kid on the blogging block- so I’m not sure if there’s a Miss Manners to this.  Pardon me if I speak off the cuff from the seat of my consciousness with my thoughts barely formulated.  I’m a big narrator.  (Not to mention big on making my own rules). In fact, my art is one big fat narration –  an endless flow of endless proportion, a run on sentence in the form of a career.  

“Oh look, I have a thought! Let me illustrate it into being-ness.”  

I try to create a mirror of my mind, a breadcrumb trail of synapses firing, ensnaring witnesses into the chaos – it makes me feel alive to blindly swing a butterfly net at my mind and turn it into art. I do a lot of thought tracing, because I’m in the business of ideas which come and go fast. I also do a lot of work in a variety of mediums. I like to learn, a lot. When I am brainstorming, I am much like one of those modern day treasure hunters on the beach, metal detector in hand, sifting through the sand for that buried idea.  

“Oh! The thought came back. I have to get into my studio and create!”

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